Everything just went great, we are very happy.

Barb & Tom H. | Fredericton, NB
September 19, 2017

On time, job looks wonderful.

Greg and Shelley R. | Fredericton, NB
September 19, 2017

I think they did a great job

Allan G. | Fredericton, NB
August 31, 2017

Brian is an excellent painter and representive of the Company. will definitely use them again.

Larry M. | Fredericton, NB
August 31, 2017

have always asked for nick pineo who has always exceded all our expectations jobs done with utmost perfection and excellent quality have and will continue to promote your great service

Cheryl M. | Fredericton, NB
August 31, 2017

They did a great job, off to a slow start due to the weather however very accommodating in respect to working around our schedule and were prepared to work on the weekends which was very welcome as our business is open Monday -Friday

Dana A. | Fredericton, NB
August 31, 2017

Excellent service, professional employees - job well done.

Alexa A. | Lincoln, NB
July 31, 2017

Very Satisfied

Tom J. | Fredericton, NB
July 31, 2017

We were extremely and pleasantly satisfied with the process from start to finish. The contact and communication is extremely important when having work done around a persons home. This was so very well done and appreciated. The work was first rate and the follow up to ensure satisfaction was spot on. Good communication is lost on so many small contracting businesses, keep it up! Thank you

Jay M. | Fredericton, NB
July 13, 2017

They were timely, efficient, friendly. More than satisfied with the service.

Ed B. | Fredericton, NB
July 11, 2017